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Procurement Management.

Procurement Management

TLEC’s Procurement Department has the responsibility for the acquisition of materials and services at the lowest possible total cost, considering fitness for purpose, price, services, quality, delivery, site assistance in line with our Client’s requirements and expectations.

Our objective is to meet our Client’s project equipment and material demands with a level of service which requires that materials and services are procured in an efficient, ethical and cost effective manner from approved suppliers in accordance with the required technical requirements and delivered to meet the required on-site date.

All procured materials and services, which are delivered for the Company or Customer will meet or where possible exceed the stated specification, quality and delivery targets whilst remaining within the cost limits.

Deliveries will be planned on a JIT (Just In Time) basis to meet the needs of the fabrication / installation contractors and the project’s schedule.

Logistical operations are managed in a safe, compliant and cost effective manner from EXW (Ex-works) through transportation, shipping, customs clearance and delivery to site. Other logistical arrangements can be made to suit Client’s and Contractor’s specific requirements.