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Construction Management.

Construction Management

TLEC’s Construction Management team are fully trained professional construction and commissioning management personnel who can provide the necessary experience at all of the locations of our Clients. We are committed to providing the very highest standards of construction and commissioning management as an integral part of our Company’s operations. The expectations placed on this capability by Taknia and its Clients are that:

  1. The highest standards of health, safety & environment management is provided in line with zero option philosophy.
  2. Best in class capability is provided including tools, techniques, systems and work methods.
  3. Construction and commissioning manpower is professional, fully trained, experience and adaptable.
  4. TLEC secures and delivers construction and commissioning management contracts.
  5. Projects are completed on time and within budget exceeding our Client’s expectations.
  6. Construction and commissioning management expertise is provided throughout to all project phases.
  7. All applicable regulatory requirements and the relevant provisions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 are met.