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Meeting with Zawia Oil Refining Company

Discussing the possibility of cooperation between

Taknia Libya Engineering Company and Zawia Oil Refining Company.

On Sunday, December 3, 2023,

Mr. Mustafa Abered-Managing Director of  Taknia Libya Engineering Company met with

Mr. Imad Bin Koura-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zawia Oil Refining Company

at Zawia Oil Refining Company’s headquarters at exactly 10:30 am

The meeting was opened by Mr. Imad Ben Koura with a welcome speech and thanked the attendees for visiting the Taknia Libya Engineering Company.

Then he gave the floor to Mr. Mustafa Abered, who in turn thanked the Chairman of the Board of Directors and all the attendees for the warm reception and hospitality and the opportunity to introduce the activity of the Takina Libya Engineering Company and Services.

Which it provides in the field of integrated engineering consultations,

provision of technical support,

industrial inspection, training and maintenance work carried out by the partner, Dietsmann Libya Company.


in the presence of: –

From Libya Taknia Engineering Company: –

Mr. Khaled Al-Jaribi – Planning & Business Development Consultant.

Mr. Muhammad Abu Khudair – Information and Technology Dept. Manager.

Mr. Bashir Al-Bakkush – Planning & Business Development Consultant.

Mr. Naji Abu Snouga – Executive Director of Dietsmann Libya.

From Zawia Oil Refining Company: –

Mr. Adel Al-Dubali – Member of the Management Committee for Technical and Engineering.

Mr.: Muhammad Khalifa Qashout – Member of the Management Committee for Maintenance, Materials and Services.

Mr. Muftah Al-Rammah – Member of the Management Committee for Finance and Human Resources.

Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al-Hajj – Member of the Management Committee for Operations.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Al-Tunisi – General Director of Technical and Engineering.

Mr. Abdul Qader Muhammad Abu Haniyeh – Secretary of the Management Committee.

Mr. Khaled Ali Al-Zanati – Process Engineering Coordinator.

Mr. Imad Hussein Bsheina – Director of Technical Administration.

Mr. Fadel Mahmoud Aoun – Technical Inspection Coordinator.

Mr. Yahya Mohammed Bin Koura – General Manager of Operations.



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