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Meeting with Mellitah Oil and Gas

On Wednesday, 8th July 2020, a meeting was held between MOG &TLEC at the MOG meeting room in Dhahra Building.

MOG was represented at this meeting, along with the Chairman & Members of the management Committee, General Managers of finance, Manager of personnel Affairs of the two branches and the contracts manager of the Gas Branch.

TLEC was represented by the CEO, Projects & Engineering Managers, Operations Manager and Financial Manager.

Where in this meeting many issues of concern to both parties were discussed including the technical support contract and the way to develop it to be in line with the current circumstances.

The debts owed to TLEC and its settlement schedule also discussed.

The structures A & E Development project and the commencement date for the contract to start the feed works which was assigned to TLEC with the participation of EniProgetti, was also discussed.

In conclusion, it was agreed to set up a mechanism to settle the debts owed to TLEC upon the submission of all required documents.

The two parties also agreed to hold periodical technical meetings between their specialists to discuss some details of the contracts that were assigned to TLEC.

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